10 blind dates
Ashley Elston
The book "Blind Dates" by Ashley Elston is a great example of the latest in a genre of books that...
a better world
Marcus Sakey
A Better World is a business book by Marcus Sakey. It provides a great example of how to structure a...
a cats tale
Susanna Fantich
When you are an author, your book is your baby. The reader will read it over and over again. Therefore...
a clean kill in tokyo
Barry Eisler
This book is a novel about the Japanese underworld. It's written by Barry Eisler and it's published by Transworld Publishers.
a debt free you
Steve Julien
I'm going to write a brief description of the book and give you the link to read it.
a few quiet beers with god
John Perrier
The author John Perrier had a clear idea on what he wanted to say and so he wrote the book...
a man without a country
Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
There are few books which have captured the imagination of the world and made it a part of people’s life....
A New Earth Awakening to Your Life Purpose is an inspiring book that focuses on the true meaning of life....
a night divided
Jennifer A. Nielsen
The A NIGHT DIVIDED book is a suspenseful novel about four people who find themselves trapped in a building on...
a plague of dissent
Nic Taylor
The book is about a plague which has killed all the animals. This plague can be traced back to a...
a portrait of the artist as a young man
James Joyce
A portrait of the artist as a young man is one of the most famous works in the history of...
a random walk down wall street
Burton G. Malkiel
The title of the book is written in a way that draws one's attention. It is as if the author...
a school for unusual girls
Kathleen Baldwin
The story of the unusual girls in this book and their explorations of the world.The school for unusual girls is...
a stone for benjamin
Fiona Gold Kroll
A STONE FOR BENJAMIN is the story of Beni, an adolescent boy living in the Parisian suburbs who dreams of...
a thousand acres
Jane Smiley
A Thousand Acres is a novel by Jane Smiley that takes place in the fictional town of Caddo. The plot...
a ​sky beyond the storm
Sabaa Tahir
For a long time there was no effective way to find information on the “sky beyond the storm” topic. But...
adhaata asaos liege
Afroz Alam
ADHAATA ASAOS LIEGE is a book about the whole process of how to understand dreams and the meaning of different...
after were free
Vince Perritano
Vince Perritano is the author of "After Were Free" a self-help book. His book explains how to be free and...
alien taste
Wen Spencer
We are looking at the book by Wen Spencer. I have read it and I found it to be a...
almost human
Melanie Nowak
The book should be about ALMOST HUMAN.We don't need to go first and explain that your product will be a...
Peter Shaffer
The AMADEUS book is a play that explores the mystery behind Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's death. It is an unusual story...
an inquiry into the nature and causes of the wealth of nations
Adam Smith
Adam Smith is considered as the father of economics. He was a Scottish moral philosopher and a pioneer of political...
an unproductive woman
Khaalidah Muhammad-Ali
This woman is not productive as she does not do any work and spends most of the time on social...
angels pawn
Nalini Singh
ANGELS PAWN is a book about an Indian boy named Sumeet who had to go through a lot of suffering....
Denis Johnson
A new book is about to be released by a well-known writer. The book is called ANGELS. It's an adventure...
animal liberation
Peter Singer
In the book “The Autonomy of Animals”, Peter Singer compares animal movements to human movements.
animals dont blush
David R. Gross
"Adding a description to your work is the first step in making sure your work is getting seen by the...
K.A. Tucker
The main theme of the book "Anomalies" is an examination of the concept of anomalies in science as a way...
This book is about how ANTIFRAGILE THINGS THAT GAIN FROM DISORDER can help you. Antifragility is a very useful concept...
area 7
Matthew Reilly
"Are you ready for Action Research?" Then read this book.Here are all the chapters of AREA 7 book written by...
arena mode
Blake Northcott
The ARENA MODE book is a collection of articles which cover various topics related to the technology. The article style...
as i saw the beginning of rendezvous
Umar Hasan
This book is a fictional story about the life of a Muslim girl who was imprisoned by the British ....
autobiography of charles r. barefoot jr. the world imperial wizard for the church of the nation’s knights of the ku klux klan
Charles Barefoot Jr.
This is a biography of an American author, Charles R. Barefoot Jr. The biography was written by the author and...
awakening the fire
Ally Shields
As an example of a book written by the author, "AWAKENING THE FIRE" is a deep dive into the topic....
back to you
Steve Bates
This is the story of how Steve Bates, a big-city ad man, became one of the world’s most remarkable success...
battle of the ampere
Richard Paul Evans
The Battle of the Ampere is a historical battle that took place in 1781 between the American revolutionaries and the...
beautiful broken things
Sara Barnard
The art of writing descriptions can be a challenge, especially for those who don’t know how to write well. Sara...
beautiful darkness
Kami Garcia
Darkness is a kind of darkness. There is no such thing as “light”. The Sun gives light to the world...
beautiful disaster
Jamie McGuire
This is a copywriting and marketing book that tells you how to drive sales through your brand's social media platforms...
beautiful player
Christina Lauren
We all want to describe our clients and the products we deliver. Sometimes, we just don't know how to do...
being peace
Thich Nhat Hanh
BEING PEACE is a book by Thich Nhat Hanh. It is about the values of mindfulness and non-violence. He shares...
bentwhistle the dragon in a threat from the past
Paul Cude
"BENTWHISTLE THE DRAGON IN A THREAT FROM THE PAST" is a children's book written by Paul Cude. The book is...
betrayal of justice
Mark M. Bello
This book is a collection of short stories that took place in the fictional town of Cooperstown, New York. The...
Robert Mullin
The author of the book is Robert Mullin and his book about the Wells Of The Worlds is referred to...
bit players, bullies and righteous rebels
S.M. Stevens
This is the story of a brave and honorable woman. She fought for her beliefs and stood up to bully...
bitter frost
Kailin Gow
Bitter Frost is a futuristic dystopian story about a group of rebels in the future. All of them are children...
bloom into you, vol. 1
Nio Nakatani
Blooms into you, Vol. 1 is an exciting novel of the inspiring world of business; it’s about a young woman...
Cherie Priest
BONESHAKER is an action-packed fantasy novel about a witch who devises a plan to reclaim her murdered husband in the...
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