a plague of dissent

A Plague Of Dissent by Nic Taylor

Nic Taylor

The book is about a plague which has killed all the animals. This plague can be traced back to a man, who was in love with another woman.

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I will be another reviewer for the book A Plague of Dissent, a work of non-fiction, by Nic Taylor, an Australian historian. This is the second book Nic has written about Australia.
A PLAGUE OF DISSENT is an important work in the history of South Africa. It was written by a white author during a time of racial conflict. It was published in 1974, but it has gone through many re-editions in many editions since.It is not the first book written by a South African author about the African National Congress, or about the ANC. However, it is the only book written by an author who was born in South Africa and grew up
I needed to write a literature review about A Plague Of Dissent and Castle Of Wizardry books. I read A Plague Of Dissent with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Nic Taylor is a wonderful writer.