as i saw the beginning of rendezvous

As I Saw The Beginning Of Rendezvous by Umar Hasan

Umar Hasan

This book is a fictional story about the life of a Muslim girl who was imprisoned by the British . She spent over two years in prison for her faith.This book has been inspired by Umar Hasan’s experience. Hassan says that she was forced to become religious after her arrest and her ordeal in prison made her feel guilty.She feels that writing this book would help Muslim girls like herself recover from their past trauma's and console them with forgiveness . In one scene, Umar Hasan remembers the day that she was arrested: " I remember Sitting on my bed, looking at all my things – my cell phone, clothes, a diary – but most of all, just me and facing the truth where I accepted Allah as my Lord." She believes that writing this book will help others who may

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I loved Umar Hasan's book "The Beginning of Rendezvous" with all my heart. It is very interesting to read a novel that tells an international story from the perspective of the elderly, and one that shows how people live in different parts of the world.The story begins with the story of a young girl, Shahnaz who was born in Pakistan but loves to travel and dream. She is still living in Pakistan and travels around the world. When she is on her
A friend sent me a copy of this book and asked if I would review it. I read it in one sitting. It was just too good to put down.
Here is a brief review of the book by Umar Hasan:The book started with a question: Who are the people who will be the most influential in our lives? The author asks himself that question and answers it with the following:– The people who will have the most influence in our lives are those who arrange our lives.– If we do not arrange our lives, people will arrange them for us.– If we do not arrange our lives, then other
I needed to write a literature review about As I Saw The Beginning Of Rendezvous and Naji And The Mystery Of The Dig books. I read As I Saw The Beginning Of Rendezvous with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Umar Hasan is a wonderful writer.