born to rock

Born To Rock by Gordon Korman

Gordon Korman

Gordon Korman is the New York Times best-selling author of more than 20 books. For this novel, he teamed up with a group of AI writers from Narrative Science to create a story that would span across four centuries.The book is set in 1799, in the fictional town of Grand River. The townspeople have lived there for over 200 years and they all have been taught since birth to rock and roll to keep their souls alive. When they stop rocking, they die - but no one ever leaves Grand River as it doesn't exist outside the book!Gordon Korman's BORN TO ROCK is a hilarious story about how music saved one small town 200 years ago, and continues to keep them going today.

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About Gordon Korman:Gordon Korman is the creator of the series of novels "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", "Angel" and "Gilmore Girls". He is currently working on a new series.
I needed to write a literature review about Born To Rock and This Aint No Video Game, Kid! books. I read Born To Rock with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Gordon Korman is a wonderful writer.