Craft by Lynnie Purcell

Lynnie Purcell

Creating books in a unique way is something that many people dream about. Yet, it’s an arduous task to achieve and that is why most of us are content with the traditional approach.In this book, Lynnie Purcell shares her experiences and helps readers realize their dream of creating a book in their own style. She explains the process of creating a CRAFT book, starting with the basic process to production and finishing with marketing. This is a great guide for anyone who wants to make their dream come true but doesn't know where to start or how to get started.

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CRAFT BOOKS IN PRINT BY LYNNIE PURCELL*** AVAILABLE IN PRINT AND E-BOOK FORMALS ***"A must-read for all crafters who wish to make their life and creativity a little easier and a lot more fun. I have been a crafter since my earliest memories and I can honestly say that the CRAFT book has helped me to become a better crafter. There are so many great projects in this
Power of a Positive Woman: A Powerful Tool for Raising Self-esteem"I have taken a scientific approach to the raising of self-esteem. This book is a must for every woman who wants to raise her self-esteem. The power of positive thinking is where this book needs to be read. It will change your life." -Marianne Schnickelsmeyer, Ph.D., author of "The Power of Positive Thinking: A Scientific Approach to Reaching
The Craft Bible
I needed to write a literature review about Craft and Alchemy books. I read Craft with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Lynnie Purcell is a wonderful writer.