creating monsters

Creating Monsters by Christopher Rankin

Christopher Rankin

Christopher Rankin, author of CREATING MONSTERS, has a background in comic books. He is part of the team behind the book. This is a highly speculative work by an author who writes about his thoughts on creating monsters.The book describes the creation of monsters (theory and details), their quirks and weaknesses, and how to make them effective in combat. The writing style can be compared to that of a good action movie script, in which each major character's progress is described with scripts that are often similar to those used for movies. As such, it may be compared to MATT AI which has been used by companies such as Microsoft and IBM for creating scripts for their employees' internal use.

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"All-around great book. I highly recommend this book to anyone with an interest in the occult. It is a truly amazing work.""Christopher Rankin is a long-time practitioner of both Occult Mysticism and the Occult Arts, as well as being an avid collector of occult literature. He may be the most credible and knowledgeable author on this subject to date."Click here to view the full list of reviewers.
In the early morning of the night of December 31, 2008, I awoke to a chilling reality. I was not alone in my apartment in San Francisco. There was a short, blue-haired woman in the shape of a human being standing inside my door frame, her face and posture bent toward me. I was terrified, but I did not scream. Instead, I rolled over on my side and pretended to fall asleep. A few moments later, she slipped past my door frame and disappeared into
I needed to write a literature review about Creating Monsters and Prayers & Poetry books. I read Creating Monsters with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Christopher Rankin is a wonderful writer.