dear lover

Dear Lover, by Lori Jenessa Nelson

Lori Jenessa Nelson

Dear Lover is a book that tells the story of a college student who has always been in love with her best friend since she was in elementary school. When he suddenly starts dating someone else, she loses hope and spirals into depression.This is a book that not only helps you understand what it’s like to be in love with your best friend but also provides you with some advice on how to get over it.The author's protagonist, Marley, is struggling to come to terms with the fact that her best friend is moving on and falling for someone new. She can't stand the fact that she can't help him recover from his broken heart because there must be something wrong with her.

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DEAR LOVER is a novel about a woman who is in love with an older man. She is in a sick relationship with this man and is battling for her soul."I enjoyed this book so much that I just had to tell others about it. I was so intrigued by this story that I just had to write my own review." – Regina P. (Burbank, California)"Dearest Lover is a wonderful story about a woman who does not
Dear Lori,Thanks for all you do for people like us.My husband and I met when we were both in high school. We were both athletic and he was a star football player. I was the hot cheerleader. He was the quarterback. He was the class clown. I was the class president. We were inseparable. We dated for about six years before we got married. In the beginning, we didn't have much money and did a lot of traveling
I began reading Dear Lover, and I was hooked. It was a book I had hoped to read, but I just never got around to it. Then Lori Jenessa Nelson came along and offered it to me. As soon as I saw the title and saw that it was a romance, I knew that I had to read it. I've now read the whole series in one sitting, and even though it has a bit of everything, I'm still not done with the first two
I needed to write a literature review about Dear Lover, and In The Heart Of The Sea The Tragedy Of The Whaleship Essex books. I read Dear Lover, with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Lori Jenessa Nelson is a wonderful writer.