dont judge a book by its cover

Dont Judge A Book By Its Cover by Robbie Michaels

Robbie Michaels

The cover of a book is often the first thing that people think about when they read the title. It is therefore an important element of a book’s success. Here, I will show you how to write descriptions of books so that they are more appealing to potential readers and help you sell your copywriting services even better!

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"I have some serious reading to do. I'm definitely a fan of the book! I read it in one sitting and am hooked on the series. This was the first book I ever read by Robbie Michaels, and wow, am I glad I did. You will not be disappointed with this book!" - Lara B., Fans of Books by the Book
Don't Judge a Book by its Cover is a series of web-based and print-based artfully designed book covers that encourage people to read beyond the cover image. The series was created by Robbie Michaels, a book cover designer originally from Oakland, California.The first book cover inspired by the series (and inspiration for the series) was "The Martian", written by Andy Weir, published in 2011. It was designed by Michaels' sister and her business partner, Melissa Michaels.
(c) Copyright Robbie Michaels
I needed to write a literature review about Dont Judge A Book By Its Cover and Joshs Wild Imagination books. I read Dont Judge A Book By Its Cover with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Robbie Michaels is a wonderful writer.