follow the river

Follow The River by James Alexander Thom

James Alexander Thom

In this novel, James Thom presents an engrossing and multifaceted story that follows the protagonist, Robert Coleslaw, as he travels down a river of life in search of his past.The book follows Robert Coleslaw who traverses the rivers of life with his tumultuous companion Beni. The two tie their lives together as they embark on a journey that ultimately leads them to a painful and traumatic reckoning with their own humanity. By going back in time and following their own genealogy, they are left wondering what it is about the river that flows through our lives which ties us all together.The book's realism is contributed by its portrayal of human emotions such as love, loss, grief, and regret which are rendered with exceptional skill by Thom who also creates acute observations on painters

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Reviews of FOLLOW THE RIVER:"Good but not great. There's a lot going on in this book, but the story is not very well-written." - Amazon Reviewer"This was an enjoyable book but there were parts that were a bit slow to get into. I read it in one day, but I would have liked a little more time spent on the characters and their relationship." - Amazon Reviewer"SOME of the characters were intriguing
"A fascinating and compelling story of the return of the American West to the USA. Follow the River is a brilliant examination of how the Native Americans lived in peace and harmony with all humans, before white invaders decided to wipe them out. It's a story that's old, but one that never seemed to die. This is a book that should be heard, read and re-read."
I needed to write a literature review about Follow The River and A Tear And A Smile books. I read Follow The River with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. James Alexander Thom is a wonderful writer.