los días que nos separan

Los Días Que Nos Separan by Laia Soler

Laia Soler

This is the second book by Laia Soler that I've read and it's also a great example for how to write a good description.

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The inspiration comes from the series of books about the life of Spanish immigrant, writer and feminist Carmen Montserrat (1895-1938), who was known as the “Queen of Spain”. I know she was not a queen, but she certainly was an inspiration to a lot of people, whether they knew her or not. (Spaniards have a saying: "Go to Spain, you will find her".)On her Instagram page she writes: "
"Laia Soler's beautiful book follows the story of her life, the love she has for her husband, and what happened to her on that night. I was shocked by the details! The book is a beautiful tribute to these two people who gave their lives for each other. This is a book you will never forget. I highly recommend it to everyone."
I needed to write a literature review about Los Días Que Nos Separan and Shit My History Teacher Did Not Tell Me! books. I read Los Días Que Nos Separan with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Laia Soler is a wonderful writer.