only love

Only Love by Elizabeth Lowell

Elizabeth Lowell

Love is an emotion that people feel towards someone they are attracted to. While there are different types of love, such as infatuation, attachment and passion, it is also possible to feel love for people who you can't be with emotionally or physically.Elizabeth Lowell wrote a book called 'The Love Book: A Guide to Falling in Love Again'. It is a guide for those who have been shut out of the world of love because they were not heartbroken enough after their partners' death.

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I bought the book "Only Love" in October 2013, and I have been using it ever since. You can tell this is a highly-educated woman. She just seems so thrilled to have found a way to express her faith in Jesus so clearly, without being so pedantic and boring about it.I love the way she talks about the Bible and God's instructions on how we should walk by faith. It's refreshing to find someone who does this without getting bogged down in
"In a world full of pain, we can all find comfort in the knowledge that there is someone who loves us, loves us deeply, and will always be there for us. In this powerful book, author Elizabeth Lowell reminds us of the love that we all deserve to find."
I needed to write a literature review about Only Love and The Age Of Miracles books. I read Only Love with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Elizabeth Lowell is a wonderful writer.