porch swing girl

Porch Swing Girl by Taylor Bennett

Taylor Bennett

This book was written by a young business woman who wanted to write a novel and gain notoriety. The book is about her adventures through life with a wide range of characters, that she encounters every day.The description should be very descriptive and not too long. It should convey the essence of the story quickly without getting bogged down in details.

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Taylor Bennett, the author of PORCH SWING GIRL, has been writing for a number of years. She has worked as a technical writer, marketing consultant and freelance writer. Taylor's work has appeared in the following magazines: "The Dealers Journal", "American Automotive", "The Dealers' Magazine" and "Dealers Update".Taylor has written many technical and automotive related articles, including:Taylor's first book, "Simple Swinging Ste
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I needed to write a literature review about Porch Swing Girl and Static books. I read Porch Swing Girl with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Taylor Bennett is a wonderful writer.