sins sity stories

Sins Sity Stories by Eva Goldsby

Eva Goldsby

SINS SITY STORIES is a series of three children's books about the sins we commit in our everyday lives. The first book is about the sin of dishonesty, the second book is about the sin of deprivation, and the third book is about sinning against yourself.What this book does best is that it gives its readers a chance to learn what to avoid so as not to offend God or break his commandments. It also provides advice on how to make these mistakes less grievous and more forgivable. This novel teaches people how to live a good life and avoid errors while enjoying themselves in society.This series will help its readers learn how to fall short without feeling bad, as well as how they can overcome their mistakes and become better people in society.

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Don't forget to buy the book by Eva Goldsby. It's on Amazon.SINS SITY STORIES is a book of stories about people who do not conform to traditional stereotypes of what a person with Autism looks like.В  Every story is true.В  They are not all the same.В  They are not all kind, or happy, or loving, or lovable.В  They are not all good or bad.В  They are not all right or wrong.В  Each story
I needed to write a literature review about Sins Sity Stories and A Passage To India books. I read Sins Sity Stories with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Eva Goldsby is a wonderful writer.