T4 by Ann Clare LeZotte

Ann Clare LeZotte

In this book, author Ann Clare LeZotte talks about the characters and settings in her novel T4.The year is 2525, and it’s been six years since the world was pillaged by a terrible virus. A small band of survivors, led by John Smith, are hiding out in a dilapidated house deep in the New York City Subway Tunnels. There is no power, no running water, and hardly any food but life is good as long as they keep their heads down.T4 is a dystopian thriller that follows 16-year-old John Smith's survival story during the pandemic of 2525 when everything became uninhabitable from space radiation to extreme weather conditions. It's a horrifying story of survival against all odds told through emails, journals and text

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BETWEEN THE ROCKS and ROCKET by Ann Clare LeZotteAnn Clare LeZotte is a professional writer and the author of the bestselling "Between The Rocks" and "Rocket". She is also the author of "Beware The Dog", "Vacation Time", "Morningside", and other books. Ann is married with three children, a dog named Harley, and a cat named Dot. She lives in Wisconsin.Request from reader:
"I have been a T4 reader since I got my copy of The T4 Book in the mail. I love this book and will always have it with me. I'm not sure how to best explain how much I love it, but I do know that it makes me feel better and that's what matters to me."
I needed to write a literature review about T4 and Court Of Fives books. I read T4 with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Ann Clare LeZotte is a wonderful writer.