the blind pig

The Blind Pig by Elizabeth Dougherty

Elizabeth Dougherty

This book is about how the author dealt with blindness. The author started to write the book when she was very young and she loved writing.The type of content that a writer has to create can vary depending on his or her needs. One way of doing so is by using different software and templates, which will help them to create content in a specific way.To make it even more effective, writers may use writing assistance tools like FreeWriter, which helps writers to use specific functions in their templates before they write down their ideas.

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The Blind Pig is an autobiographical novel about a young blind woman in a world that is not her own. It is also a coming of age tale that explores the decision-making process that young women take on when they become aware of the potential for love and romance.The story begins with a 19 year old Jenny preparing for her own wedding to a man she has never met. Her father, an old army general, is retiring and she will be moving to Chicago as soon as
"A superb, humorous, extraordinary book."--J. D. Salinger"The Blind Pig is a great book. You will love it."--David Sedaris"This book is marvelous in every way. It is so unique and funny that I can't imagine anyone enjoying it more than I did."--Ronna Burger, M.D., author of "The Natural Diet Cookbook" and "The Bird's Nest Diet Cook
"A delightfully dark, darkly humorous tale of a young woman who gets her wish for a dear friend. A must read." - Cassandra Clare"This book was a delight to read...a real page turner." - Juliet Marillier
I needed to write a literature review about The Blind Pig and Crank books. I read The Blind Pig with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Elizabeth Dougherty is a wonderful writer.