the dictator of britannica

The Dictator Of Britannica by A.N. Shekarnia

A.N. Shekarnia

The dictator of Britannica:One of the most influential dictators in history was Alexander III, also known as Alexander the Great. He ruled the Hellenistic World and he had many victories. A number of his most important conquests were made in Asia Minor, Syria, Egypt and Persia.He was born at Pella, Macedonia and he was a son of Philip II. His father appointed him to be the king of Macedonia at the age of 20 years old but after his father died he started to conquer much more. He made great achievements before his death on June 10th, 323 B.C., when he was just 32 years old.THE DICTATOR OF BRITANNICA is an epic novel that tells a detailed story about how conquered countries are led by

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The Dictator of Britannica is the author's debut novel. It was first published in 2010 by Koyama Press.The Dictator of Britannica is about a man named the Dictator, who is a dictator. His goal is to put an end to war in the world.The Dictator of Britannica was inspired by the historical figure Adolf Hitler and his Nazi regime. It follows a man named the Dictator, who wants to stop
The Dictator of Britannica: A Novel by A.N. ShekarniaA. N. Shekarnia, Author . Simon& Schuster, Inc. - March 1, 2018 - 272 PagesThis is a 5/5 book.
I needed to write a literature review about The Dictator Of Britannica and The Chocolatier books. I read The Dictator Of Britannica with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. A.N. Shekarnia is a wonderful writer.