the evolved

The Evolved by K.T. Webb

K.T. Webb

The book is 24 years old and the print edition has been out of print for a while. It is great to have an updated version since it is, in many ways, the first book on the market that truly embraces digital storytelling. But how does one go about writing a description of such an iconic book?"Who reads books nowadays?"What's more, how do you write a description that fits this timeless classic? With such a big target audience for an ebook or hard-copy edition, there are more than 1 million people who would be interested in reading it. What's more, authors are already planning to publish their own updated editions in order to keep up with the times. The problem with traditional print publishing methods is that they don't really allow you to walk away from your manuscript as easily

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"Evolution is an undeniable fact that has been observed by many thousands of scientists over the last 100+ years. That is why I am so excited about the book published this year by Mr. K.T. Webb, who is a retired NASA flight engineer and also a professor of physics at several universities in south Florida. I have read several books on evolution and this one is the best written and scientifically accurate one I have read so far." -- N.C. (Nashville
"THE EVOLVED is a book that has just enough science to feel like it is about something, but not so much that it is a dry, technical read."
I needed to write a literature review about The Evolved and Jassy books. I read The Evolved with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. K.T. Webb is a wonderful writer.