the lost symbol

The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

Dan Brown

This section is about the book Lost Symbol by Dan Brown. It's a thriller novel set in Washington D.C.The book was first published in 2000 and has since become a global best-seller. The title lost its originality when the author added an additional symbol to his name - "thesyl", which means "lost". This symbol is referred to as SYMBOL OF THE LOST, or as MUSHROOMS LINKING together, in the title of the novel (and it's also referred to as THE BEST THRILLER EVER, followed by a mention of other books of this genre).In addition to this, there were references to other famous symbols in literature - for example, "the RIBBIT" from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and "the

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I needed to write a literature review about The Lost Symbol and The Forty First Wink books. I read The Lost Symbol with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Dan Brown is a wonderful writer.