the singing creek where the willows grow

The Singing Creek Where The Willows Grow by Opal Whiteley

Opal Whiteley

THE SINGING CREEK WHERE THE WILLOWS GROW is a story about the relationship between a boy and a girl, between siblings, and between parents. It's the story about how someone grows up and learns to love their home in spite of its flaws.It's also about learning to trust people, especially when they're not perfect, but are trying their best. This is a sweet story that will make you feel warm inside.

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This is a wonderful book for children. It tells the story of two sisters, one who goes to live in the forest and one who takes her place. She is happy and sings with the singing creek, until the winter freezes the creek, and she doesn't hear it anymore.This book teaches children that you should stay true to yourself no matter what happens and that you shouldn't listen to everyone else telling you what to do.
I liked this book because it was about a little girl who would go for walks in the forest. They would sometimes stop by a creek that sang. She found a little boy talking to some willows. The willows then told her how to get to a place where she could watch the sunset over the water.I found this book at the library and I hope they keep it there for people to read.
Testimonial from the Author of THE SINGING CREEK WHERE THE WILLOWS GROWThe Singing Creek Where The Willows Grow is a beautifully written book that tells the story of the author's family's life in a Southern Appalachian community. It is a coming-of-age story, told in verse, during the author's childhood. It is about how the author's family moved from the big city to a small town in Appalachia and how they adapted to living in
I needed to write a literature review about The Singing Creek Where The Willows Grow and Jaclyns Ghost books. I read The Singing Creek Where The Willows Grow with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Opal Whiteley is a wonderful writer.