Unmasked by Jenifer Kanin

Jenifer Kanin

I briefly describe UNMASKED book by Jenifer Kanin. I will explain how her book look like and what it is about.

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The book is available in print now from Amazon, Barnes& Noble, and iTunes.
If you want to write a testimonial about UNMASKED book by Jenifer Kanin, please write us.Stay connected with Jenifer Kanin and her work through her site www.jkaknos.com and Facebook page.Visit Jenifer's website for links to information about the book and her other books: http://www.jkaknos.com/books/unmasked-book-series/#1 New York Times
A friend had asked me to do a testimonial for the book. I'm not a marketer, but I'm pretty good at writing words so here goes. В The book was published by В  The Book Guild in 2014. В I think it was the anniversary of my first book, В  Commotion . I liked to use the preface in my new book. В For example, here is how it went: "Hello, В I'm Jenifer Kanin, author
I needed to write a literature review about Unmasked and Sweethearts books. I read Unmasked with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Jenifer Kanin is a wonderful writer.