we were the lucky ones

We Were The Lucky Ones by Georgia Hunter

Georgia Hunter

Creative writing is the art of creating something new and unique. If you want to create a book, you might start with an idea. But it’s not all about inspiration: a good writer has to be able to create something in the shortest amount of time possible. In this post, Georgia Hunter—known for her books on the topics of language and fiction writing - shares her experiences working as a copywriter in her company.We can write "the book" like Georgia did: with an idea, lots of research and plenty of inspiration, but why is it that when it comes to a book about language, we think that we need authors who know how to use their English language skills? We've all seen examples when someone writes carefully - but using their own language - without understanding

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Dear Georgia, I am so glad you know about my book and the good reviews that some of your readers have given it. Thank you for the extra encouragement.I was fortunate enough to be selected for the National Book Award for Young People's Literature in 1997. It was an honour that I had never truly expected because there are a lot of deserving books for me to read. However, this award was even more special because it was the first time I had been offered a chance to write about
I needed to write a literature review about We Were The Lucky Ones and Jenny Pox books. I read We Were The Lucky Ones with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Georgia Hunter is a wonderful writer.