where the staircase ends

Where The Staircase Ends by Stacy Stokes

Stacy Stokes

This novel is about two eleven-year-old best friends, Lily and Cassie. They start a friendship when they are four years old, but their relationship changes over time. One day, Lily finds out that Cassie has been keeping secrets from her, and she is forced to confront her friend.The book takes place in the world of modern-day Manhattan where a recent epidemic has caused many people to disappear into thin air. The girls find themselves trapped in their own building with no way out as they try to help each other figure out what’s happening to their parents and friends.

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WHERE THE STAIRCASE ENDS by Stacy Stokes was published around the beginning of December 2016 by New Leaf Media in an edition of 384 copies, on Kindle. It was also made available for purchase in paperback."WHERE THE STAIRCASE ENDS" is a light-hearted romantic comedy about Emma, a twenty-something professional woman who is moving into an apartment complex in the city. Her new place is not quite the place she imagined... By day, Emma
I needed to write a literature review about Where The Staircase Ends and Crown Duel books. I read Where The Staircase Ends with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Stacy Stokes is a wonderful writer.