while my pretty one sleeps

While My Pretty One Sleeps by Mary Higgins Clark

Mary Higgins Clark

This book covers the subject of "will" and the idea that if you do something, there will be a way to make it happen. There is an action plan in this book that will help readers achieve their wishes.The author uses analogy of a bird flying in the sky, which can navigate by itself but needs its mate or owner to keep her safe. The author believes that if we use our imagination, we can create our own life but without a companion, there will be no existence for us in this world. So, without a partner, one cannot imagine life on his/her own; he/she might only wonder about what's happening around him/her and where he/she is going to land someday.

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I needed to write a literature review about While My Pretty One Sleeps and Dark Life books. I read While My Pretty One Sleeps with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Mary Higgins Clark is a wonderful writer.