a story of now

A Story Of Now by Emily O’Beirne

Emily O’Beirne

This book is the story of a girl who is in love with her brother and her brother’s best friend, who are both in different schools. The protagonist is a middle school student, who has been obsessed over her brother for long.The book title can be viewed as coming from the title of the chapter: “The Story of Now”. The story itself comes from the real life events that happen to the protagonist and her family at this time. "The Story of Now" is an original idea but it was not a new one to Emily O'Beirne when she wrote this book last year. She has written about various other stories before, such as "What I learned from my dad".*** *** ***

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The A STORY OF NOW story is described as"A novel that looks at the way stories affect us.The book’s story is set in a small village in Ireland, where a group of friends decide to make a film about their experiences at a young age. The characters are all based on real people who featured in the film. The film itself was made by a student project, and this is its first full-length cinematic release.A STORY OF NOW raises questions on
I needed to write a literature review about A Story Of Now and Before We Were Strangers books. I read A Story Of Now with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Emily O’Beirne is a wonderful writer.