agent of change

Agent Of Change by Sharon Lee

Sharon Lee

Agents of change are the people who turn things around. They are the ones who can make a change in a certain situation or situation which is getting out of hand. A good agent of change is not somebody that you can just go to and ask for a job. You need to get to know them first.With AGENT OF CHANGE, Sharon Lee has created an amazing book on how and why we should take action and make changes in our lives instead of sitting around waiting for situations to change themselves."How to become an Agent Of Change" is written by Sharon Lee (Agent Of Change)

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SUMMARY:In the near future, a virus spreads across the world, disabling all electronics, including computers, which then begin to malfunction. When a team of scientists is sent to investigate the source of the virus, they discover that it is the work of an evil genius who has also disabled all electronics in order to build a powerful weapon against mankind.ISBN-13: 978-1-4268-6020-8ISBN-10:
I needed to write a literature review about Agent Of Change and Captive Spirit books. I read Agent Of Change with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Sharon Lee is a wonderful writer.