Crushed by Gina Robinson

Gina Robinson

I just finished reading a book called CRUSHED (by Gina Robinson) I am so impressed with the way she did it. She used only 2 words, "the beach", for almost half the novels description. It was not hard to grasp the meaning and understand everything that goes on in her books as soon as I read them.

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CRUSHED is a novel about a young woman from a small town who moves to New York to become a dancer. The book is told in three parts: "A Dance to Remember" by Gina Robinson, "The Call" by Gina Robinson, and "The Reunion" by Gina Robinson.
Next book in the seriesI have now read all seven books of the CRUSHED series and I can say that it was a very enjoyable series. However, I can only say that I would like to see Gina Robinson writing a series about potential lovers in this world. Because of this, let me expand on the above point.I think that if we accept the idea that there are two sexes in our world, then why can't we accept one? There are two sexes, but these
I needed to write a literature review about Crushed and The Last Juror books. I read Crushed with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Gina Robinson is a wonderful writer.