curse of the forgotten

Curse Of The Forgotten by Elizabeth A. Drysdale

Elizabeth A. Drysdale

"This is a story of how two men, who never met face to face, share a love for the same woman. Their feelings for each other are so strong they can not forget about her - and their feelings for each other are such, that they move to be together once again in order to find the woman they both love."

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Yours in the service of the land,M. E. Drysdale,President, Curses of the ForgottenS. A. Drysdale,Elder, Curses of the ForgottenDave A. Drysdale,Elder, Curses of the ForgottenAlan Drysdale,Elder, Curses of the ForgottenMrs. L. T. Drysdale,Educator, Curses of the ForgottenC
I needed to write a literature review about Curse Of The Forgotten and The Killing Dance books. I read Curse Of The Forgotten with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Elizabeth A. Drysdale is a wonderful writer.