die kleine hexe

Die Kleine Hexe by Otfried PreuГџler

Otfried PreuГџler

DIE KLEINE HEXE is a book about the lives of girls and their families. It is centered around the houses in Germany. The book tells the story of good-hearted, loving and intelligent girls who have to confront difficult situations like bullying, abuse, alcoholism or rape at home. It also tells the story of their parents who patiently protect them from these problems, but can't always solve them on their own. This book is about life and death; it should not be boring!

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"The book was a must-have for me, as it gave me the inspiration to start my first tattoo, and I did it with a different way of thinking. Thank you for your great work!"
I needed to write a literature review about Die Kleine Hexe and Foundation books. I read Die Kleine Hexe with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Otfried PreuГџler is a wonderful writer.