Fijación by Lissa D'Angelo

Lissa D'Angelo

"Fiji: A New History" was written by one of the best writers in the business. It is a book that I have personally read several times and every time it is even better than the last. It's a large tome, but well worth it."Fiji: A New History" is a book about Fiji Islands, and how they were colonised, created and diminished by a British power, which eventually led to their independence. Due to this history, Fiji now has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world as well as rich cultural heritage.Priced at just $20 for Amazon e-book for both Kindle and PDF, this book should not be missed if you are planning on travelling there!

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"I read the book because I've been very interested in the idea of a world without war. I hoped that the book's message would inspire people to act to end it. I found it inspiring and hopeful, and reading it was an experience I hope others will share with me. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did."
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"Thank you, thank you, thank you for this book! I recently read it and nearly cried. I don't know how you can write such a beautiful book that was so true, yet so beautiful at the same time. The stories were so real and I loved the way her characters were written throughout the book. It was a very special read. I'm going to continue to read and re-read this book!" -Lissa D'Angelo
I needed to write a literature review about Fijación and David And Goliath Underdogs, Misfits, And The Art Of Battling Giants books. I read Fijación with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Lissa D'Angelo is a wonderful writer.