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First Year by Rachel E. Carter

Rachel E. Carter

First Year is a 2018-published book by Rachel E. Carter. It is about the first year of life for a child and how they might react to different events that happen in their lives.The book was written in a diary style, with the reader following the protagonist, Marcus as he struggles with school, friends, and his parents. On top of this, he is also dealing with the pressure from being "the smartest kid" in his class and has to deal with bullies. The story also shows how Marcus's parents are struggling as well and how they cope with this new life change.This book contains realistic situations which will help readers relate to Marcus and his family better, while also providing useful insights into raising children who are going through difficult times in their life

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As a first year student at the University of Jackson, NC, Elliot Chambers has a lot of questions about the track and field team. What he wants to know is why he must compete against students three times his age. He has dreams of attending Yale University, but that cannot happen without first being accepted into the track and field team.Elliot's mother does not want him to compete in track and field, but her husband does. The student body at Jackson is divided between those
A hardcover is just the beginning for me. I'd like to see you in my store then and buy books from you, too.
First Year is the first book in the "First Years" trilogy. The book is set in the same world as "A Little Stranger", and follows the life of a second-year student who has just been admitted to a prestigious university. The book features rich, vivid characters, from both the main characters and secondary ones.The book was nominated for an Indie Book Award in Best Young Adult Fiction, and was also nominated for the 2016 Oregon Book Award.The book received
I needed to write a literature review about First Year and Alls Fair books. I read First Year with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Rachel E. Carter is a wonderful writer.