Gunfire Samurai Gunfire Samurai 1 by Sean Bela

Sean Bela

Gunfire Samurai is a Japanese ninja novel written by Sean Bela (also known as Shintaro Hyakuya). This book is available in English translation on Amazon.

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Gunfire Samurai (Gunfire Samurai 1) by Sean Bela
I just finished the first book in The GUNFIRE SAMURAI Series and finally got a chance to sit down and let you all know my thoughts.I was surprised to find that I enjoyed this book more than I expected. The characters and story were both very well developed, and at the same time, a little surprising. It was an easy read, with a steady pace that kept me engaged and often laughing out loud.The plot was interesting, but also very predictable (and
I needed to write a literature review about Gunfire Samurai Gunfire Samurai 1 and My Name Is Rapunzel books. I read Gunfire Samurai Gunfire Samurai 1 with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Sean Bela is a wonderful writer.