if we kiss

If We Kiss by Rachel Vail

Rachel Vail

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As a freelance writer, I write for a variety of clients.All are pleased with the quality of my work and service.Read what some of my clients have said:"We have been working with Rachel Vail for almost 2 years now. She is a joy to work with and always makes sure we are happy. She is very professional and has great ideas that we can use in our business."-Maxine C.
I want to thank Rachel Vail and her team at the Literary Agency, The Book Club. I have known the author a long time and have read several of her books. Her talent as a writer is evident in the emotional depth and richness of her characters. I loved her first book, "The Lonely" and look forward to reading more of her work in the future. В - Callie StarkI just finished reading The Guardian Angel and was surprised how much I enjoyed it. I
I needed to write a literature review about If We Kiss and Change Of Heart books. I read If We Kiss with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Rachel Vail is a wonderful writer.