Inheritance by John O'Riley

John O'Riley

Inheritance is a fantasy novel about Eragon, a seemingly ordinary boy who discovers he is the Dragon Rider, tasked with protecting his world from the forces of evil.When Eragon comes in contact with an ancient stone known as the Dragon Heart, his destiny becomes clear: he must leave his hometown and join the Varden-a rebel group fighting against the forces of evil and oppression. By following this course, he must face Galbatorix – one of history’s most brutal tyrants and leader of The Empire – and his trusted general Sloan.Eragon will need all the help he can get to defeat these formidable foes. Luckily for him, he has Saphira – a blue stone dragon with which to fly above enemy lines in order to deliver messages or attacks from afar

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On the fifth anniversary of the beginning of the Great War, the once-peaceful lands are once again threatened by the Great War that has raged for generations. The Elves are beginning to question the use of magic, while the Dwarves begin to fear the powerful magic they have managed to create. Things seem to be getting worse for all people and all races as well, both before and after the war is over.Meanwhile, Princess Luthien is facing her final test as ruler
I needed to write a literature review about Inheritance and Couples books. I read Inheritance with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. John O'Riley is a wonderful writer.