may day

May Day by Thom Stark

Thom Stark

MAY DAY is a book about the political history of the United States and, in particular, about how it has been influenced by the Vietnam War. And now, for the first time in decades, May Day is celebrated as one of America’s original holidays.

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MAY DAY BOOK:"This is a great little book. I have spent the last few weeks re-reading it and I'm still amazed by its power. I've been thinking about the story for days now.""A fascinating exploration of the human psyche. The author captures the mood of deep introspection, and writes a deeply moving story about love, loss and the struggle for love.""A book that leaves you feeling inspired, hopeful and thankful. A brilliant story
Things I didn't know and I learned that I loved about MAY DAY:1) The cover is really cool.2) The back cover has the May Day ceremonies of the Occupy Movement and the first line of the book is: "From your friends at Occupy NYC." It's also the first May Day celebration mentioned in the book.3) The first chapter is about a young woman who is married to a man who is not her husband, who is also an Occupy
I needed to write a literature review about May Day and Missed Periods books. I read May Day with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Thom Stark is a wonderful writer.