off the map

Off The Map by Max Davine

Max Davine

This is a book about the Aussie Rules Football League, also known as AFL. It was written by Max Davine. One of the important aspects of this book is that it gives a detailed description on what happens in an AFL season. Such detail would be lost with traditional copywriting if writers had to write such long descriptions all the time.However, author Max Davine has written this book for people who are not interested in AFL as much as they are interested in writing books and other things related to this sport. Instead of writing long descriptions about football every week, he focuses on describing his life - how it feels to be an Aussie Rules footballer and how it feels to be a part of team the Blue Eagles or just being away from home for so long. This makes him look at life

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I needed to write a literature review about Off The Map and Just One Damned Thing After Another books. I read Off The Map with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Max Davine is a wonderful writer.