Platform by Michel Houellebecq

Michel Houellebecq

Platform is a satirical novel about technology and the internet. It takes place in the near future where an unnamed French company, rumored to be Google, has created a "Platfrom," a virtual utopia of sorts, for those who cannot find meaning in real life.The protagonist of this story is one of the programmers employed by this company.Platform's frankness about labor and automation in modern society led some to call it "the new Orwell."

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The incredible power of a novelIt is not my intention to pass judgement on Michel Houellebecq in any way. But I would like to say that his novel, "Platform," is a brilliant piece of work.The story opens with a man, Janine, taking a train from Paris to the small town of Deauville. When the train arrives in Deauville, she realizes that the train has derailed and there is no one to help her.
I enjoyed this book and I think everyone should read it. This book is very easy to read and it will keep you interested all the way through.-Sara
"I am the most dangerous person in France""The most dangerous person in France."Michel Houellebecq is an author who has written many books, including one that has been translated into English. This book, called "Platform," addresses the future of France and the world. The main character is a man with a PhD in biology. He is the leader of a movement for change, and he plans to overthrow the current government. He is on the brink
I needed to write a literature review about Platform and Dont Blink books. I read Platform with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Michel Houellebecq is a wonderful writer.