secrets of a summer night

Secrets Of A Summer Night by Lisa Kleypas

Lisa Kleypas

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Secrets of a Summer Night"LOVED this book! I loved the characters and the love story. If you haven't read this, you should read it!" - ~Nicole, Michigan
I've read "Secrets of a Summer Night" over 100 times (and still love it!) and I've met the author numerous times. Lisa Kleypas is a wonderful author to read about. I have read all of her books and I love them all, but this one was my favorite.I have enjoyed this series from the first time I read it. I was in the mood for a book with romance, mystery and suspense, and this book delivered on all three
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I needed to write a literature review about Secrets Of A Summer Night and Implosion books. I read Secrets Of A Summer Night with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Lisa Kleypas is a wonderful writer.