shattered mirror

Shattered Mirror by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

When we first met Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, she was a young college student. She had just written her first book and we could sense that she was extremely passionate about it. It was not until the end of the last semester that she decided to try her hand at writing fiction and turn it into a real book.As a writer, Amelia Atwater-Rhodes has found that people like to read novels on the same level as books they write. This is important because most people like to read what they know and feel comfortable with, but also want something new and different from time to time. So, when she started writing her own novel, Amelia had no idea how successful it would be or whether it would ever see publication or not. Still, she knew that even if it never

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I needed to write a literature review about Shattered Mirror and The Ascension books. I read Shattered Mirror with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Amelia Atwater-Rhodes is a wonderful writer.