the birth of death

The Birth Of Death by L.E. Parker

L.E. Parker

One of the most difficult and time consuming tasks for a copywriter is to write description for a book.A writer can do the same task as an AI writer.L.E. Parker wrote THE BIRTH OF DEATH (1946) and it was one of the most-read books in English during that time. The first edition was sold out in only two days after its release!

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The birth of death: book review by Alan J. Hartnett, Ph.D., is written from the perspective that death is not an inevitability that must be accepted. It is a choice to be made in response to the request that we become aware of our mortality and thereby experience it as an opportunity to grow, learn and live fully.This book explores issues of death, dying, dying well and dying with dignity, with particular emphasis on the spiritual aspects. The author
The Birth of Death is a fiction novel written by the American author L.E. Parker, published in 1962. It is his only work as an author, written after his death as a result of a traffic accident in 1966. It was adapted into a film by Michael Anderson and released in 1971.In the novel, the main character Eric Heideman (portrayed by James Whitworth) is a writer who has just graduated from college and is living in New York City
I needed to write a literature review about The Birth Of Death and The Egg books. I read The Birth Of Death with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. L.E. Parker is a wonderful writer.