the counterfeiters

The Counterfeiters by AndrГ© Gide

AndrГ© Gide

The book tells the story of a rich man, who hires two men to get rid of his daughter. It is a story of the twisted relationships between these two men and how the betrayal leads to their deaths.The novel was first published in 1896 and created a sensation on its release. It has been translated into more than fifty languages around the world and has sold over one hundred million copies worldwide since its publication.THE COUNTERFEITERS tells a compelling story about love, hatred, jealousy, class and corruption. The central character is Mme de RГЄnal, who is married to an aristocrat in France's Anjou region during the reign of Louis XVI in 1789. When her husband dies suddenly, she becomes involved with Jean-Baptiste Grenier, Marquis

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"The Counterfeiters is a book of genius. The author presents in a remarkable manner the most democratic idea of the world, that of human liberty: the right to be oneself, to know about oneself, to express oneself, to have a private life" (J. B. Sartre)
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First Place: The Counterfeiters by AndrГ© GideSecond Place: The Counterfeiters by AndrГ© GideThird Place: The Counterfeiters by AndrГ© GideFirst Place: Anti-Semitism by Albert CamusSecond Place: Anti-Semitism by Albert CamusThird Place: Anti-Semitism by Albert CamusFirst place for the author, the writer, and the translator: The Counterfeiters by AndrГ© Gide
I needed to write a literature review about The Counterfeiters and Death Sentence books. I read The Counterfeiters with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. AndrГ© Gide is a wonderful writer.