the shining court

The Shining Court by Michelle West

Michelle West

A book by award-winning author Michelle West.

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but the fairies are trapped there, and they can't get out.Tee-hee! Tee-hee! Tee-hee! The fairies dance on top of a shiny metal tower. There's a rainbow of colors going on in the sky, and that's just because it has rainbows. Those are pretty things in the sky. The
Michelle Westis a writer, author and artist. Her books includeThe Shining Court,The Secret Garden,The Secret Garden & The Sinister Chamber,The Dream of a Magic Cottage,The Corpse Tree,The Dark of the Moon,Sally's Story,Bluebells
The Shining Court by Michelle WestThere is a shining court, and it is where the fairies dance
I needed to write a literature review about The Shining Court and The Books Of The South books. I read The Shining Court with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Michelle West is a wonderful writer.