Transitory by Ian Williams

Ian Williams

The world is experiencing a radical shift in the way we look at the way we travel. As we get more and more connected to one another, different forms of transportation are becoming equally vital.As science fiction has always predicted, there will be an increase in human and animal traffic on the roadways. In addition, there will be new ways to travel where human cars will have difficulty crossing other types of vehicles or being able to fit through tight spaces.We can expect increased congestion, rising prices for tickets and fuel, and fewer places for us to park our cars. We can also expect that many roads will become overcrowded due to increased motorization - they may not even remain usable by humans! The situation has been described as a "race between man and machine" or even "a war between

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Transitory Positives
I needed to write a literature review about Transitory and Summers Child books. I read Transitory with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Ian Williams is a wonderful writer.