voyage in the dark

Voyage In The Dark by Jean Rhys

Jean Rhys

The book is a psychological thriller. The main character, Sydney, leaves London for the country to spend time with her father and sister. She does not want to go back because she has no friends there and feels like a stranger in the city society. However, one Saturday night when she falls asleep, with her sister on her bed and her father outside the window in his car watching over his granddaughter’s sleeping body all of a sudden she dreams of a boat sailing through the water on which there is a boy sitting next to her.

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*ORIGINAL POSTING*I just finished reading VOYAGE IN THE DARK. I can't remember the last time I read a book quite like this one. I've read some pretty good books in my day, but this one was different. It was beautiful. I felt like I was on a beautiful boat, sailing down the Amazon, and as we sailed, we were surrounded by beautiful jungles and jungle-like things that looked like they were growing out of the water.
"This is a captivating, memorable and poignant novel. It is a novel of great depth and mystery. I am sure that you won't be able to put this book down." - Melanie,
"Beautiful, innovative, and insightful. A startling look at the evolution of the human consciousness.""A stunningly original and beautifully written book. I found it hard to put down."
I needed to write a literature review about Voyage In The Dark and The Devils Grin books. I read Voyage In The Dark with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Jean Rhys is a wonderful writer.