a matter of degree

A Matter Of Degree by Colin M. Andrews

Colin M. Andrews

This book is a unique work of fiction, but its characters and plot are based on real events.

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Book Reviews:“…a truly excellent book…I recommend it to anyone who respects the rule of law and is interested in how it may be, over time, challenged.”  - Thomas Mann, POB, WA, USA.“…a very valuable book. I found it to be a great read for people interested in the evolution of American jurisprudence.”  - John Macomber, Professor Emeritus, Texas
Colin Andrews has been working with the homeless, the poor and the disadvantaged for over 2 decades. Since 1987 he has written a number of works on this subject. He is a UK author, who has worked on the book, "The Homeless: A Matter of Degree;" which was first published in 2003.Colin Andrews is a prolific writer, who has written over 60 books in the last 40 years.Colin M. Andrews (born 3 August 1963) is
I needed to write a literature review about A Matter Of Degree and Forever My Girl books. I read A Matter Of Degree with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Colin M. Andrews is a wonderful writer.