charlie bone and the hidden king

Charlie Bone And The Hidden King by Jenny Nimmo

Jenny Nimmo

Charley Bone is a ghost in the attic. He haunts the film industry, making it difficult for filmmakers and actors to get their films made. After his death, the British government paid £10 million to bring him back and find out what he was doing there. Now he has to be brought back into a world where his presence is almost impossible to ignore.The ghost of Charley Bone must not only be able to disappear when he goes out of his room but also write down all the details of any film that happens to go through his hands - whether it gets made or not. This is a challenge that no one has ever faced before: how do you keep up with your job when you’re dead?

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Thank you to the North East, and especially Newcastle, for hosting me in your beautiful city.
I needed to write a literature review about Charlie Bone And The Hidden King and Dance Of The Gods books. I read Charlie Bone And The Hidden King with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Jenny Nimmo is a wonderful writer.