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Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang by Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler's second book after her first, "My Horizontal Life" a memoir, is a lot more lighthearted in tone. It follows Chelsea on a tour of the United States with her mother when she turns forty.Chelsea Handler is known for her comical approach to life. She's not one to take things too seriously and that's what makes the book so funny. This book is filled with anecdotes about how Chelsea turned out just fine after all those years spent struggling with her career and personal life.This lighthearted read is also a humorous commentary on our culture and society as it relates to women over 40

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As Chelsea Handler said, "I'm happy to tell you that I feel like I'm still on the air today. I hope you've enjoyed the show. It's been a good run."
I needed to write a literature review about Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang and A Class Apart books. I read Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Chelsea Handler is a wonderful writer.