furies of calderon

Furies Of Calderon by Jim Butcher

Jim Butcher

The series is a set of fantasy novels. The main character, Harry Dresden, is a wizard. He's an orphan who has been raised in the Chicago Police Department. When he was a boy, he discovered that his mother was actually a high-ranking member of the local coven, one of the most powerful magical groups in America.The Furies of Calderon trilogy follows Harry Dresden as he goes undercover to infiltrate the coven and prevent them from trying to take over Chicago by using black magic to turn humans into zombies.Harry was able to convince them that he's on their side and preventing them from taking action against him but once they find out what's really going on, they'll have no choice but to battle him and kill him if they want to stop him from getting too close

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The fifth novel in the bestselling "Midnight Society" series, FURIES OF CALDERON is a thrilling page-turner, filled with suspenseful plot twists and thrilling action. The Midnight Society is after a mysterious, powerful force that can be used to control minds. They must find this power agent before the Midnight Society gets its hands on it. In the last book of the series, THE NIGHT MACHINE, a mysterious, powerful force crashed through Earth's surface and threatens
I needed to write a literature review about Furies Of Calderon and Multiples Of Six books. I read Furies Of Calderon with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Jim Butcher is a wonderful writer.