Heat by Mike Lupica

Mike Lupica

I am a copywriter with experience in the field of e-books. I write the description for my clients’ books. These days, many authors are using this technology to create their ebook titles and Amazon has even made Kindle versions of some popular e-books available in the market.

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The book is available on amazon.com or on Amazon.com in Kindle format and in printed format.A few of the positive reviews on amazon.com read:5.0 out of 5 stars A Thermometer in Your Head В by Kevin A. Wilson, 11 February 2015 I just finished reading your book on heat stress and it was a very informative read. I have been a fan& supporter of Larry's work for years. Your book explains the science in
He didn't start out to be a baseball writer. His first job was in the summer of 1942, when he was hired as a cadaver recovery driver, pulling bodies from the New York City sewers. In his spare time, he'd read about baseball and read everything he could find about it. He eventually decided to try his hand at writing and submitted a story to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, but it never appeared in print.In 1953, he began writing for the
I needed to write a literature review about Heat and Not Even Bones books. I read Heat with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Mike Lupica is a wonderful writer.