Incarceron by Catherine Fisher

Catherine Fisher

Incarceron is a prison which is a place where prisoners are held captive and guarded by shadow children. The book takes place in the future where people are born inside of Incarceron, prisoners are first incarcerated there, and then they aren't even allowed to leave.The protagonist is half human, half shadow child who has been imprisoned since childhood. He has vowed to escape from imprisonment but cannot until he learns that he can only escape if he joins the rebellion against the ruling power of the prison and the shadow children who guard them.

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I have heard the following questions over and over again as I've been writing this book: "Why is it that you have decided on a particular name for your book?" "Why did you choose a particular name for your book?" "Is it because you thought that the name would be easier to remember? " "What did you think people would think of your name?""Weren't you worried about any of these questions?"I'm always very happy to answer these questions,
"Catherine Fisher is well known for her stunningly beautiful and very eclectic photos. Each of these images of the great cathedrals in the United States, and especially those of the Capitol in Washington, DC are breathtaking."
Michelle DeWitt, author
I needed to write a literature review about Incarceron and Spinning Silver books. I read Incarceron with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. Catherine Fisher is a wonderful writer.