london bridges

London Bridges by James Patterson

James Patterson

James Patterson's latest novel LONDON BRIDGES is the story of an American tourist in England who stumbles across a dead body on one bridge and a suspiciously wealthy man on another. The two events lead to him being swept up into a high stakes international conspiracy.LONDON BRIDGES by James Patterson is an interesting and thrilling novel that will keep you turning the pages all day long.

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LONDON BRIDGES The Complete Collection
For a long time I was a non-fiction fan. I like books that are so well written that they draw you in and hold your attention.I recently came across a book called "London Bridges" by James Patterson. I loved the first few chapters, but I was somewhat disappointed with the book overall. It tells the story of five teenagers who go to London to see the famous London Bridge. However, when one of them has a near fatal accident, he is taken to the hospital
I needed to write a literature review about London Bridges and The Lost Colony books. I read London Bridges with pleasure and got an A+ for my book review. James Patterson is a wonderful writer.